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(Opinion)The difficulties faced by university students

Going to university is the greatest achievement to both parents and the child. It's one of the best lifetime achievements, however, graduating/passing is the best feeling ever.

December is around the corner, but November is only a few days away. The time to write exams has come, bringing with it anxiety, stress, restless nights and most of all, pressure. The pressure to pass all of the exams is high, the thought of failing so heartbreaking that it can sent some to the emergency room.

Going to university on a bursary or financial aid scheme is awesome, but sometimes burdening because the pressure to pass is always weighing students down. They stress too much about failing because they can't afford to fail. Failing to them means losing their bursary, falling short on the money they were receiving and therefore failing to go back to university.

The pressure of not failing is the one that's bringing students down because if they find out that they failed, stress attacks, leading to depression, and then suicidal thoughts. Suicidal thoughts sometimes lead to suicide itself. Stress is poison to the mind, leading to self-destruction.

The difficulties faced by students are the pressure of passing, of keeping their bursaries and at the same time, being able to be sane.

There are circumstances that lead students to fail, one of them being unable to focus on their school work due to lack of resources to do so. Students lack laptops, which are important at university. Some courses require laptops and some students don't have them. They don't have access to computers at their respective institutions because they are learning from home, especially at this time.

The best way to deal with the issues of panicking during exams is to plan time accordingly, prepare beforehand, maybe a week or two weeks before the start of exams. That will help in reducing the anxiety of examination season.

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