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Sad| See What is Happening at University of Venda

The University of Venda is one of the institutions that is located in a rural part of the country, as is the case with many others. It is found in the communities around Thohoyandou, in the province of Limpopo. It is well-known for the exceptional quality of its law and teaching degrees, both of which are highly regarded. 

There has been a great deal of activity recently at the University of Venda. In general, 2021 has been a long and difficult year for University of Venetian students, and things only got worse in September. So many students' lives have been lost, and some think that a dark shadow may be looming over this institution of higher learning. For those of you who recall, there was rumors a few years back that there was a guy who was possessed, killing and sexually abusing students. Is it possible that this is another diabolical plot? Take a look at what's going on. 

A pupil by the name of Kone Nevondo is said to have passed away in the early months of September 2021. In accordance with the reports, he was attacked in a taxi on his way back from university to his residence. 

Another student, who was in his final year of study at the education faculty, is said to have passed away recently. Take a look at his photo below: 

The deaths of another 20 female students were re-posted yesterday, just when we were beginning to believe it was ended. Their deaths were not linked to any specific causes. 

The University of Venda has recorded 14 student deaths in the month of September, to sum it up. This is quite unfortunate. We must all pray for the students at the University of Venda. So many unpleasant things happen in educational institutions as a result of the wicked spirit that preys on impressionable young people and exploits them. If you can, please pray for university venda and for God to ensure the safety of children from the dark cloud that is threatening to take away our beloved students. This is addressed to all students and anyone else who may come across this repost. 

the following link: 

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