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Mr Kgomo Called The Police On His Notorious Son, Paxton


Mr Kgomo Called The Police On His Notorious Son Paxton

Mr kgomo called the police on his notorious son, Paxton. Finally Mr Kgomo saw that his son is nothing but a trouble maker. He realized his son's bad behaviour. Pax has been a bad influencer on other learners.

Finally Pax will be dealt with. Atleast Mr Kgomo this time acted like a parent. Its high time he pay for his actions. Mr Kgomo was enjoying what was done to Magongwa by his step son, now the tables have turned its father and son. Pax need to be dealt with because he has turned turf high into a circus. The grade 8 pupils have turned into hooligans because of him.

What happened is a good thing because his parents condoned what he did to Magongwa. Little did they know that it will come back to them

Skeem Saam is showing us exacly what is going on in schools. The challenges that principals and teachers facr with regard to unruly learners. They are also showing how some kids who are privileged like Paxton think they can break rules and get away with it, thinking hey wont be punished for their wrongful behavior. Some kids who come from rich families are like that because their parents never have time to discipline them.


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