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Eastern Cape principal fined for making a pupil get phone from a toilet pit

An Eastern Cape principal did a despicable thing by telling a pupil to get a phone from a toilet pit. The Tsomo magistrates court issued a sentence of 10 years in jail or he had the option of paying a fine. Half the principals sentence was suspended for 5 years on the condition that he's not convicted of child abuse. Luthuthu school principal Lubeko Mgawdela pleased guilty to the charges. The initial fine was issued on Wednesday for R4000 but he had to pay R2000 since half his sentence was suspended. National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson Luxolo Tyali was not amused by the sentence & stated that the principal got off with a slap on the wrist. The community was outraged. An educator with a senior position should have known better. He was supposed to be a role model. What is ever becoming of our schools & the educators? Only time will tell if things change for the better.

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