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Interesting facts about turtles

Turtles are widely known for being very slow animals. Most children learn about turtles from the time they are in primary school. Turtles are one of the oldest , and primitives groups of reptiles. Turtles live in a variety of places. Their adaptation skills are very versatile. 

Turtles spend most of their time in water . They are known as aquatic animals. There are different types of turtles so there is no true average size. Leatherback turtle is the largest turtle specie. They measure at 4.5 to 5. 25 feet long , and weighs roughly 272 to 680 kilograms . 

A turtles shell is a very noticeable feature. It is a modified ribcage , and part of its vertebral column. The bottom part of the shell is called plastron , and the top part is called carapace. The shell is made uo of about 60 bones.

Turtles are very adaptable, and they cab be found on almost all continents except Antarctica. Turtles are not social animals. They prefer to keep to themselves. 

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