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It is Christmas for university students

University students, especially University of Venda students have been so happy since the day before yesterday when they found out there was an application that they can use to make themselves money without having to deposit any amount.

On the 3rd of October 2021, University of Venda students started sharing screenshots on the university's groups on social media, boasting about the interests they have made, and telling those who did not know about this that if they needed help with this application they should text them so that they could help them, from there screenshots kept flooding the groups as many other students were getting money from this app, and were happy to show proof that they had also been getting the money from the app.

You get R100 by recruiting people on that application, if the person you referred registers, you receive R100. No one does not want free money, so more students have been busy joining this app, until today, as they want to get more people joining under them so they could get the money.

Other students were an extra mile as to trade on that app and got more interest from their investments and more, students feel like Christmas came early for them this year as they say "goodbye" to hunger and being broke. Now they have money in their bank accounts as the allowances will be paid later, for now they have some money to buy food, alcohol and necessities. There is no need to be begging for money from relatives as they always promise to give them money but never send it, one student said, "At least now I am my own breadwinner", meaning that he will be able to buy himself all that he needs to survive in this place "university" as he is on his own.

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