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Applications for EAs and GSs are officially closed. Here are Qs and As about what happens next.

The past two weeks have seen millions of young people applying for the advertised posts from the department of basic education youth employment initiative programme. The official start date for the applications was the 26 of September with the closing date set for the 3rd of October.

The closing was moved forward to the 10th October after many young people complained about the website not working properly due to the increased traffic.

Yesterday on the 10th October was the official closing date for the applications. Everyone wants to know what comes next.

The applications will now be sent to various schools according to the applications. Upon receiving the applications schools will then conduct the selection and shortlisting processes.

Selected or shortlisted candidates will then be contacted by various schools for invitation to come for the interviews. Only the selected or shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

If you are shortlisted, you will then be invited by the School Governing Bodies to attend a face to face interview. You will be expected to bring along the following documents: A certified copy of Identity Document, a Matric certificate or NQF 4 qualification or higher, a Curriculum Vitae and a Testimonial.

More than five million applications were received by the Youth Mobi. This will probably take schools a long time to sort through during the selection and shortlisting.

If you have applied and meet requirements, then you can start being hopeful. I know many people are struggling to make ends meet which is very sad. These posts helped thousands of households last year.

The Department of basic education needs yo keep these posts on a full-time basis to reduce the stress and pressure on educators. Teachers are always confronted by a lot of administrative work which takes time away from teaching.

Keeping these posts in schools could help improve performance in the long run. This will also help millions of youth with work experience.


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