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Stellenbosch Urinator did this on WhatsApp group chat, leaving tongues wagging

Some Stellenbosch University students and people close to the perpetrator of the historic pee episode have defended him and denied that he was racist, according to the city of Cape Town. After the pee controversy, this is the latest in a string of incidents involving the same person. 

As a result of Theuns du Toit being suspended for allegedly urinating in Babalo Ndwayama's room at Huis Marais on Sunday, there has been an upsurge in the number of people pushing for him to be ejected from the institution. Theuns du Toit is a first-year law student. When Rudi du Toit found out about his son's arrest in Stellenbosch on Friday, he drove him there, according to information gathered by the Weekend Argus. 

Theuns du Toit, a first-year law student at Huis Marais, is accused of urinating on fellow student Babalo Ndwayama and his possessions on Sunday. 

During the interview, William Fullard, Du Toit's lawyer, admitted that his client was at the police station to meet with a detective. According to him, "we are fully cooperating with the SAPS" (South African Police Service). He claims that Du Toit was informed of his constitutional rights and warned that a case was being brought against him. He also mentioned that the case against Du Toit was still ongoing. 

A court appearance has yet to be announced, according to Fullard. It was his assumption that the director of public prosecutions would make a decision on how to proceed after receiving the docket. According to the police, no one has been arrested or charged as of this writing. 

"The investigation into the facts surrounding the incidence is still in progress," says the spokesman for the police department, Colonel Andrè Traut. When Du Toit was in high school, he attended the famous Worcester Gymnasium High School. People in Worcester, Massachusetts, where he grew up, called him a "calm person" who was liked by people of all races. 

"His best friend in school was a black lad," one of Du Toit's athletic fraternity teachers said. One of Du Toit's mentors mentioned this. "I was adamant that I did not accept what I had read in the news. He said, "The individual depicted in those reports is not the same person I had the pleasure of knowing. "With the help of his friends on the rugby team, he became a popular and well-liked member of the student body at the university. According to what he said, he was a loose forward on the rugby field, and he embodied the ethos of playing hard while also being fair. 

In response to our inquiries, the school's management declined to make any statements. He was described as an excellent rugby player who gained the respect and admiration of his black teammates, according to some pupils. "He was kind to people of all races when he was a gamer. Both his teammates and his teammates' teammates appreciated him. Students sleeping at the Huis Marais house where the incident occurred, according to the Weekend Argus, were still baffled by what had transpired. 

According to one of Du Toit's neighbors at Huis Marais, Du Toit has no recollection of the episode in issue. The student went on to explain that he had come at the hostel that morning "to check out the news." An example of a group chat among students at Stellenbosch University can be seen in the snapshot shown above. Afterwards, a member of the group made the suggestion that he be expelled from the group "Yes, he can no longer participate in our group chat. Here, he is not considered a member of the legal community "As a matter of fact,. After a few seconds, Du Toit abruptly left the gathering. 

When the student said, "I hurried to Theuns' room and asked him what's going on, bra, since he was too intoxicated," we know what happened next. In a panic, I dashed to Theuns' room to find out what was happening. According to a Weekend Argus interview, Du Toit's housemates had to submit statements after Du Toit cleaned up the mess he had made. 

On Saturday night, another Huis Marais resident claimed that they went out to drink. Du Toit's entry into Babalo's chamber the following morning was a mystery. Du Toit's fellow law students' WhatsApp groups degenerated into mayhem, according to a fellow student who attended many of the same classes. After our first year of law groups went crazy, everyone starting calling him a racist, a traitor, and a piece of s**t. Over time, the Theuns drifted further and more away from the collectives, "she went on to say. Weekend Argus has been informed that a similar incident occurred one month ago at the Academia residence. 

A student found a cookie jar full of urine in the room where he stored it. 

"Stellenbosch University is aware of the incident and encourages the student to make a report to SU's Equality Unit," said Martin Viljoen, the university's spokesperson. Students at Stellenbosch University are encouraged to come forward with any information on an event that may have occurred on campus. There must be a clear distinction between this home and any other university-sponsored housing, according to our guest speaker. 

Similarly, the manager of the Cilmor Winery, who had just arrived from Germany the day before, declined to weigh in on the topic. The fact that Rudi Du Toit worked at the farm was brought up instead.

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