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MEC Panyaza unhappy with Glenvista Hall's Fire

Pictured above is the female and male student presidents Khanyile Madunanya and Skhumbuzo Nkaba.

Glenvista High's senior learners laid a protest before the school board to be exempted from writing an exam if not push it back due to issues with the paper and lack of proper content coverage by the teachers. 

The School's Governing Body should have exploited more efforts in preventing the chaos, and should have met the students' request halfway - but in fear or such learner's stubbornness becoming a habit the teachers and Principal held firm to their alleged autocratic authority and insisted the exam be written...

Only for the young dauntingly disobedient, modern day student uprisers of the school to find some lighters and proceed in lighting up some chaos by burning the school hall's curtains. It was the 16th after all, and June isn't that far behind us. Plus July's massive mall lootings and buring across the country might have triggered a tenacious thrill within the "enlightenment" lit(tle) learners minds.

MEC Lesufi may be to blame for firstly failing to set up Guateng Education Provincial school-level legislature and student grievance policies in place so that steps and, conflict-mitigating procedures, could have been taken in peacefully discussing, investigating and assessing the reasons for the learners' demands towards pushing back the exams. Instead such measures were suppressed and chaos managed to emerge and flourish amongst the fiery confusion, after smoking through the previously closed curtains.

Although the Daily Maverick have once quoted Lesufi publicly blaming the Secondary School for corruptly abusing funds allocated to the establishment by the government, his grimace expression couldn't help wonder as to whether such corruption had played a role in masterminding the curtain-unveilling acts. Plus he should have long arranged for high school students' counseling talks amidst the Nationwide Looting Spree to teach student about the economic consequences of looting, apart from ensuring that the students don't bring to school grounds their neighborhoods' looting tactics, and building-burning mentalities or habits to the school grounds.

Some rebellious students may have been wrong and judiciously misinformed whilst burning parts of the Glenvista school hall, but not all students deserved to be punished by writing outside, in the sizzling sun, as thorough the terrific exam and Monday's fire hadn't left their brains and blood pressure burning. With stress, fear and trauma respectively. Plus, with the damage worth R400,000 MEC Lesufi has since refused for his department to provide financial support - meaning that more students may have to write outside in the heat or in the cold unless alternative fundraising schemes are implemented.

Do you personally blame the students, the school Principal or MEC Lesufi Lesufi himself??? Kindly leave a comment.


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