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Skeem Saam|| Paxton hit his father, Mr Kgomo, with a rock and ran away

There were rumours about the grade 8 learners planning to start a strike at Thobakgale's hearing. Thobakgale decided to go the Kgomo house to warn them to tell Paxton not to strike.Mr Kgomo told Thobakgale to get out of his house and she left.While Paxton and his classmates were striking at the District office, the police arrived and told them to go before they got arrested. The learners got scared and ran away. Paxton took a stone and threw it at the police but it hit his father instead. He did not see whom it hit, he just ran away without looking back.Mr Kgomo was disappointed and angry at Paxton for hitting him with a stone. He wondered why he did that.

Meanwhile, Paxton was proud that the strike that he leading was trending. He was even planning to go back and strike again but the other learners got cold feet and refused to join him.


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Kgomo Paxton Skeem Saam|| Thobakgale


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