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SH0CKING|| Parents are up against a teacher who uses a GUN in class to discipline learners See React

School discipline has drastically changed and is way more different from the olden days. Back in the day learners used to be beaten by teachers if they don't listen in class or don't do their work on time, this type of discipline helped and groomed children well, and most of them succeed in life because of such discipline.

A Twitter who goes by the name of Sphelele takes it his account sharing shocking news with Mzansi that there's a female teacher that uses a gun in class to quieter her students and she also uses it on the teachers who disagree with her.

This incident occurred in Rossburgh KZN at a secondary school called Phambilini, it is said that the parents are tired of their children complaining about this particular teacher who insults their kids with a gun in school. They have formed against the teacher to stop her has behaviour.

Sphelele's post was reached by many and it seems like people are supporting the teacher's discipline method because they believe learners of day disrespect their teachers because they have rights, they know that they must not be touched so they do as they please in class.

Here are some of the comments shared by Sphelele's followers.

@Sanda: " kona kona uWrongo uMa'am kodwa futhi I understand. I understand her bandla" She wrote.

@Porsche: " We had a similar story in my township. Didn't end well coz that principal ended up stabbing another teacher. But yeah he used to discipline them for being late." She wrote.

@Gcina: " Not shocked at all, I went to Rossburgh High next to Phambile, it's the most gangster school ever." He wrote.

It might be a tough situation for the teacher to defend herself over this situation because it is unethical to bring a weapon in school, especially a gun someone might get hurt or even die.

I think it's better if she has used the old discipline that was used back in the days which is beating learners if they make noise or do not do their work.


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