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Secondary Education


Another video of bullying has emerged. Sadly as a society we are still handling bullying wrong.

Social media can be your friend and help you connect with friends and family especially who are far away from you. People use social media to communicate with their loved ones and to stay in touch.

But social media can also allow wrong people to have access a powerful tool that can be used to destroy others. It can also be used to spread hate speech or to bully other vulnerable individuals.

A video has surfaced in Gauteng Pretoria outside a secondary school showing a female learner hitting another one and also kicking her. The crowd is busy shouting instead of helping the poor victim.

The learner now has been abused three times and we do not even recognize it. The first abuse was by the perpetrator, the second by the crowd shouting instead of helping and lastly by social media.

The Department of basic education has created a policy on bullying, but without a detailed plan of implementation then it is useless. We cannot continue putting so much pressure on the poor teachers.


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Department of Gauteng Pretoria


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