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Velangezwi High School Students Destroyed Their School Because Of These Reasons.

Induna of eMaqadini, KwaMaphumulo is very angry and furious for the actions of Velangezwi High School pupils in the area, who are accused of throwing stones at a school on Friday because they didn't like some of teachers, they don't want him and said he had a strong hand, the situation got out of had and it has forced some teachers to run out of the school to protect themselves from a violent schoolers. The students allegedly wanted the teacher fired.

The school has issued a letter informing parents that suspension has been suspended, and discussions are expected to continue this week. students who are said to be instigators, it turns out that they are not locals, they serve under another king, from the schools they used to attend, they were self-disciplined soldiers.

The local superintendent, Mr Mhlengani Mkhize, said nothing would be done if the community would allow the students to continue studying at the school. He told the SUN that he no longer wanted them in the village, as the perpetrators of the violence were known. “Although according to reports, the damage was done by a large number of children, the perpetrators are well known. There was no violence in Velangezwi, things started to go awry with the admission of children from Mlwandle and Makhabeleni, who left their hometowns and ruined their schools, and were welcomed here, ”said Mr Mkhize.

He said he would address the issue with relevant structures in the community, including parents of children attending the school. He told the SUN that the death and survival of the school, depended on the difficult decisions to deport these non-local students. He says they are subordinate to other kings and chiefs. “I was expecting this violence at school because I know these kids. They have also failed at their former schools, ”said Mr Mkhize. According to LANGA, this Monday the school board meeting will begin and later in the week, the community will meet. One of the students at the school said that they no longer wanted the "hard-working" teacher because he liked to pretend to be the principal. "If something small happens, he'll just kick you out and go back with your parent," said the student.

The teacher's car was reportedly damaged and the other teachers' vehicles were not touched. The chairperson of the school council, Mr Ntokozo Shangase, said the matter would be discussed at the council today. "I have not heard anything because the principal has taken the matter seriously," said Mr Shangase. Mr Bhuzenge Hlongwa, also a member of the school board, said he had heard students demanding their uniforms which had been taken by the attacked teacher. “At school we were wearing hats, and we closed the door and told the teachers that if the children beat them, they would tell us to talk to them. sometimes we want to talk to the children in person, ”said Mr Hlongwa. KwaZulu-Natal education department spokesman Kwazi Mthethwa said they condemned the misconduct of students, adding that the approach of local leaders could make a difference in the school.

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