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Primary Education


A Teacher Caught On Camera Whipping A Little Kids In His Class Causes A Stir Online

The use of canes by teachers on students is prohibited by the policies and procedures of the Education service. According to the laws and regulations, a teacher must take a persistent student to the headmaster's office to receive discipline. The headmaster still needs to record it in the log book despite this. A teacher who disregards this law and yet strikes kids with a wooden stick may be imprisoned.

The male instructor in your photo was caught on camera spanking young students in his classroom. It's impossible to know what the young pupils did to the teacher, but he was witnessed brutally whippings them. These students are most likely between the ages of five and eleven.

The teacher was seen ruthlessly whipping their backs and buttocks with the came. The youngsters were shown sobbing excessively in the video, yet this teacher showed no sign of sympathy. In the video, some of the kids can be heard pleading with their instructor in the customary language, "Please sir, forgive me." The teacher ignored the children's complaints notwithstanding what they were saying.

After watching the video, some Ghanaians became irate. They contended that no one, not even head instructors, has the right to cane a student's back due to potential spinal cord damage.


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