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Shoprite is offering bursaries, however there is a catch. Here's what I noticed. Opinion.

Unfortunately many South African students don't have the funds or resources to go to college after school, this is because of the high rate of poverty in our Country. For those people, they have to find a job and start working to pay for college or get a bursary. Recently Shoprite announced that they are offering bursaries, however while reading through the information provided, I found something that shouldn't be ignored.

The Bursaries :

The Shoprite group is offering bursaries for the 2023 academic year for high performing students enrolled in degrees for information technology, among others. While this is commendable, we have to remember the old saying "Nothing for Mahala" which means that nothing comes for free.

In this case, students who get the bursary will have to enter into a "Work Back Agreement upon there graduation". While they say that this means the students are guaranteed a job, the way I see it, it seems like they are guaranteed that these students work for them.

This is also evidenced when a Senior Early Careers Talent Specialist says "We are looking to invest in youth that want to grow and develop into the future leaders of our industry".

Pay special attention to the use of the word invest in that sentence, as an investment is something you expect to make a profit or a loss from. Also pay special attention to the the fact they say "Our industry". So what does this mean for the South African youth.

My Opinion :

While I don't believe that they have any ill intentions, we have to aknowledge that from the things they are saying, it seems like Shoprite is doing this to gain something in return. Which is fair, but for a large company such as there's, is it not possible to do something like this for free, in order to empower the youth of the Country they operate in.

I urge young and eager students to properly research and understand the terms they are agreeing to when entering into agreements like this, so they don't find themselves forced to work for a company they don't want to when they graduate.

What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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