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Malema Demands Immediate Closure Of School As The Country Is In The Third Wave Of Covid-19

South Africa is not only dealing with the winter season that causes a lot of its citizens to catch flu but also has to deal with the increase of infections as the third wave of Covid-19 has slowly crept in.

Whilst the minister of basic education Angie Motshekga wants primary school children to attend classes everyday from the 26th of July 2021 compared to the current schedule where they go in shifts, the leader of Economic Freedom Fighters Julius Malema disagrees and believes that this is a huge risk.

During a media briefing today that was aired ob Soweto TV, Malema has challenged Motshekga to close schools effective immediately. According to, Malema has called for contact learning to be suspended for all learners in efforts to curb the surge of the virus.

He says that there is no reason for learners to be in schools whilst there is an increase of infections as ths virus will climb into their classrooms and there is a high risk of them getting infected. He adds that there is now a high rate of new infections amongst children and forcing them into contact learning will do more harm than good as lesson are already being disrupted.

He cites that closing schools will help stop the spread of the virus, which is quite horrible as more than 1000 Gauteng learners reportedly tested positive for Covid-19. This comes after Gauteng Education spokesperson Steve Mabona confirmed that over 1000 schools have positive Coronavirus cases, in which over 1000 are learners and 802 are educators.


Sadly, teachers and school staff await getting vaccinated and the promise for them to receive the vaccine hangs in the balance. This leaves no hope for the future of learning. To help save lives, contact learning will have to be disrupted.

However, for most politicians, they do not have to worry about lessons being disrupted as their children attend private schools and they can afford to give their children the required resources for them to study at home. Sadly, this is not the case for chikdren in public schools as their parents cannot afford to give them the required tools for home schooling or learning rather.

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