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Matric class of 2021 left this on school tables that left Mzansi in disbelief

Matric class of 2021 left Mzansi in shock after leaving this on they're tables:

- Education is the most powerful tool one can have as a human being, And with education a lot of things that were once impossible become possible. Education has proven to be a source of wealth over the years.

- When we chase education we tend to go to school to get that knowledge, but some of us are poor and don't have school gear to go and get that education that will help us get out of the situation with are in at the moment.

Matric class of 2021 made the unthinkable and left they're school shoes on they're tables after the final exams. The matriculates donated they're shoes to the school which made a lot of people happy. But some were not moved by what they've just seen.

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A lot of people said that they should've just bought new shoes than, donating they're used shoes. Some weren't on to say that they will remember those shoes they left at school. Here are some of the things twitter users went on to say,

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