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Mold Is Allegedly Terrorizing Bethuna-Cookman University Students

A number of individuals have been angered by photographs showing what looks to be a university that provides accommodation for its students, but which is plagued by mould, a particularly serious issue in the dorms where the students sleep and keep their belongings.

The personnel in charge of making sure the area is safe for the students should address this immediately since it is utterly unacceptable and must be fixed to protect the students' health and safety.

People do not take responsibility for their own health problems, and this is something that has to be investigated. This is a major issue in the area, and it has to be fixed quickly before more people become sick and start dying since the university will not provide financial aid to those students.

Their parents sent them to college so they could obtain an education, not so they could ingest enough mould spores to poison themselves and die. As the situation spirals out of hand, the parents of these youngsters need to take action immediately.

We can be sure that a large sum of money is being spent in order to shelter those youngsters, and that the authorities are expected to step in so that they may fix the situation for the pupils who stay in those residences. The problem is not intended to be fixed if the authorities don't get involved. The president of the school has an obligation to address this problem, since it would be a rude show of contempt for them to sleep in such squalor.

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