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Rest In Peace: We Lost a Beautiful Soul

Everyone was affected by the catastrophe that occurred at the Enyobeni tavern the previous Sunday; it didn't just affect the people who knew the youngsters; the entire nation was shaken up by the news. 22 young children, all of whom were innocent and were merely trying to enjoy themselves and unwind after a long day of studying, were taken from this world. Everyone was affected; parents lost their children, brothers lost sisters, we lost future leaders, and teachers who were away from home lost their students. 

In connection with educators, there is a teacher who resorted to social media in order to express the depth of her grief following the passing of one of her most cherished students at Enyobeni. She created a sliding photo thread of photographs with a mournful background tune and captioned it saying she is closing down since one of her students passed away at Enyobeni. Madzana is the name of the student in question. She was a native of East Landon and was currently enrolled in the 11th grade. Look out some of her pictures down below. 

As a teacher, you come to care for your students in a way that is similar to that of a parent away from home; you learn to love them and incorporate them into your life. This is the reason why the instructor is so shaken up by the passing of the child. A great number of people reached out to the instructor to offer their sympathies and best wishes as they struggle through this difficult time. 

Due to the fact that the conclusive findings about what led to the person's passing have not yet been made public, people continue to point fingers. The preliminary findings suggest that the children in question breathed in something that contained carbon monoxide. Because of this, there was a feeling of being unable to catch one's breath. Some people are even claiming that their passing was part of a ceremony and was prearranged. Some of the children who were able to escape reported that they smelled something so pungent that they didn't believe it could have been pepper spray.

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