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Another R4 billion to boost budget of KZN Education Department

Source: TheMercury

KwaZulu-Natal's Ministry of Education receives a lifeline, receives nearly R4 billion in additional funding, and then hires the necessary teachers and educational assistants to repair some of the schools damaged during the riots. Become. The budget has been increased from the current 53 billion rants to 57 billion rants. 

KZN Finance MEC Nomusa DubeNcube announced this yesterday at a virtual conference in front of the state legislature when it presented its adjustment budget for the year.

The budget is the lifeline of education and health and is the two largest divisions that struggled after significant budget cuts earlier this year. The medical budget will increase by R2 billion from R448 billion to just over 50 billion. 

Funds come from a variety of sources, including national and state governments, grants, and internal sector budget restructuring. Although it suffered a budget cut of R12 billion across the state, education and health authorities were hit hardest. 

The Ministry of Education was afraid that it would have suffered a reduction of 6 billion people, could not hire many of the teachers it needed, and would be forced to dismiss nearly 2,000. 

Dube Ncube said spending pressures have been identified in these sectors and everyone will receive additional funding to offset these pressures. 

"Despite a very difficult budget margin, the state is still cash, which is largely due to the reduction of the state budget of the main budget 2021/22," she said. He said budget cuts were calculated to mean that 6,114 positions would not be affordable in 2021/22. 

In summary, DubeNcube said educational institutions will receive about R800 billion used to fund apprentices that are considered affordable. 

In addition to other allocations, she receives an additional 1.3 billion rants, which will be allocated to her share. 

"These funds will be used to hire education assistants and general school assistants in public mainstream and special schools. Funds will be donated by the Ministry of Basic Education based on the number of jobs created in the state. Was assigned at, "she said.

150 million was spent and only 14 million rand was allocated to repair schools damaged by the riots, but the cost of these repairs is expected to be much higher, DubeNcube said. rice field. She said Health would also receive 795.7 million rants against budgetary pressure. 

"These funds will not only be used for budgetary pressures caused by departmental budget cuts, but also to cover the costs associated with the third wave of the Covid 19 pandemic," she says. I did. 

She received 40 million rants for social development to provide temporary assistance in a crisis situation, the funds of which are still vouchers for families affected by the Covid 19 pandemic, and after the July riots. Said it will be used to provide emergency social assistance.

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