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L00k at Percy Tau educational qualifications.

Percy Tau's educational credentials will astound you; view them all here. Although a footballer's profession is one of the smallest, the amount they make in a year is nearly equal to what one might collect prior to actually superannuation.



However, data suggests that more than 40% of retired football players go bankrupt, emphasizing the need for entrepreneurial expertise. As one of numerous South African players to graduate throughout his campaign, Percy Tau has begun to take something upon himself and be the first to set a pattern.



The money these professionals make in a year is enough just to keep them comfortable for the rest of their lives; it's as if their entire financial life is squeezed into four years of high earnings and then it all goes away. Most football players do not make prudent economic choices, so when the well runs dry, they are left without anything.


Clubs, on the other hand, have taken it upon themselves to educate their players on how to make sound financial decisions and not spend money on unhealthy lifestyles.

Tau has realized that soccer is not the beginning and finish of his life, since he recognizes that it will come to an end shortly. From his loan at Witbank Spurs until his achievement in the UEFA Champions League, he has done exceptionally well. During his time at Sundowns, he earned a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of South Africa.


"I'm very very impressed with what Percy Tau did. I wish it became a life lesson to all South African football players that one must acquire educational qualifications because it might have a significant impact at the time of retirement since a football career is not to be granted. If you look to our South African football players, you will realize that most of them suffer a lot after retirement and that's because they even fail to save some money and yet they are being paid very well. 


It's incredible that someone whose football career is going really well has to consider going well beyond that, and we hope he excels throughout both.


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