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Teacher Does The Unthinkable At School Because It's Her Birthday (see pics)

If there is onething which has forever been able to bring a lot of friends and family together besides attending funerals one can say that okay that one thing has been birthday parties, I mean a lot of us born in the 90's still have albums which shows how awesome birthdays were back then but sadly all that seem to have charged now.

The introduction of photoshoot in people's birthdays has now taken over the whole birthday celebration so bad to an extent that people no longer buy cakes and snacks call family and friends to come enjoy their days with them no more. What people do this day's is to free nicely and go for some photoshoot which I can't really say it's a bad thing, But we should do it without disbursing the entire idea of birthdays celebration ceremonies,

Talking about birthday ceremonies checkout what this teacher did on her birthday at school which had a lot of people talking on social media, (refer to the pics attached below)

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These pics you have just seen there has just stirred a lot of trouble and mixed reactions online, But before we can get to all that let us know what you think about what she has just done? Do you think that her doing all this at her workplace was a great idea, Or she should have just sat back and let her workplace be her workplace and do all this she has done at home?

See what people had to say about this in the screenshots attached below

Please write us some comments letting us what you think about this stunt and planning of her by simply writing us a comment in the comments section below, While you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates please 

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