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After These Ladies Seek For Help, See What Later Happened To Them.

Take a look at what happened to these female nurses when they were caught sitting on "Aboboyaa", after they begged for a lift (help).

The issue of transportation in our rural communities is one that appears to have been overlooked by the majority of people in recent years.

These, as well as a few other factors, contribute to the fact that a significant number of citizens begin to look for alternative forms of support if they are assigned to such communities to serve.

Typically, we hear of Tertiary students who have been assigned to such locations choosing for reposting, primarily because to the lack of such amenities, as well as transportation in the area.

One video that is currently viral on the internet is of a group of nurses (ladies) being transported by a Aboboyaa that is loaded with a few items. Although the video appears to be humorous, it actually conveys a lot of information.

After a few miles, the trike tragically flipped over and fell into the bush, spilling all of its contents into the surrounding area, while the ladies ended up falling down...

Please watch the video by clicking on the link provided below, for more information.


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