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Sassa Explains Why Many People R350 Applications Were Rejected

Now that a lot of the Sassa's applicants were told to reply for this grants sometime 3-4 weeks back which they did and we are now living in the days wereby some people has started reaping the fruits of re-applying as told by sassa

It is with great sadness to see that although some did re-apply as advised by sassa it seems like their efforts of applying were all I'm vain because most if them are now rejected with various reasons and some of them being the ones listed below.

Well after a lot of people took it to social media that they belive that sassa must have not done its verification checks correctly and that has led it into wrongfully reject them, Sassa has thought its social media page (tweeter) issued a statement carriying what caused the rejections to some of the rejected applicants (see the statement from sassa below)


Well looking at this statement above I guess you now have a rightful answer as to why you were rejected but then there's some good news in all this, The good news is that the rejection is not gonna stay a rejection sassa has a platform that it gives people who were unfairly rejected to make some appeals and get the grant should they pass the verification checks on the appeal.

Incase you are rejected and you out there without any idea of were to start here's a link directing you to were you should put in your appeal

Bare in mind that Sassa also says that the appeal process will begin on Monday so if you lodge one know try to be as patient as possible.Please share the article to spread the awareness and while you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates please 

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