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Watch || Video Of School Learner Beating The Teacher In Class, See What Happened Here

Date : 15 September 2021

Today let's talk about the school boy who has been trending on social media after the video of him beating a teacher in class went viral. We have heard of stories of teachers who get assaulted by learners in school and many teachers have revealed their fear when teaching kids. Many teachers have had bad experiences with school learners. Many have been called names and others have been beaten without even getting help. Teachers now have fear of punishing learners who are out of order because some tend to retaliate in a bad and harmful way.

A video went viral on Twitter of an unnamed school so far where a learner was fighting with his teacher. It is alleged that the fight started when the teacher wanted to take his phone as he was busy on his phone and making noise while in class. On the video other learners could be heard laughing and cheering the student to continue fighting. Many can see on the video how the fight went. They even took the fight to the floor. Many people have reacted to this to show how they are feeling about this.

You should remember that violence does not solve anything. It is vital for parents to continue teaching their children how to resolve matters with an elder person. Also those who were busy taking the video could've have helped to stop the fight because the two almost got hurt when they were busy hitting the floor and tables. Such behavior cannot be accepted in school because many can lose their lives because of this. Learners should try by all means to respect teachers because this can make others to disrespect teachers. It is important to try to solve problems in a calm way. What do you think about this?

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