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A Geography Teacher Was Shot 5-Times By A Student Who Failed Grade 12

Matric results have just been released, there has been a good hype about these results since the students have performed better than the previous one. But even though there is a large number of students who passed their metric, there are still those students who did not manage to pass, and a large number of those students are from Limpopo since it has the lowest pass rate in the whole country

The most tragic thing has happened because of metric results, it was reported that a Geography teacher was killed by student who fail his metric. While you could suspect that this incident happened in Limpopo since it has the lowest pass rate, it was reported that all this happened in Phomolong high school, which is not in Limpopo

No further details about what led to this incident was given, but it didn't stop people from assuming what could have happened. A lot of people condemned the student for killing a teacher, but much of the blame was on the teachers even though we don't know what happened

A lot of people took to the comment section to blame the actions of some of the teachers when dealing with children. Many people expressed that teachers have been a tendency of treating children unequal and with favoritism. Students who perform bad are usually sidelined by teachers and made to feel worse about themselves

In those comments, one person expressed that teachers like to tell students that they will fail and saying many other bad things that may affect the child forgetting that they are in these schools to build these childrens, not to teach them about books only, but also about life itself

Another person expressed that's she has realized that teachers create too much anger in children and that they are bullies mostly towards learners who don't perform well in their studies

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