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Skeem Saam - Kat Made Principal Smile Again. She Needed It.


Kat Made Principal Smile Again

Koko Mantsha really raised a gentleman. Kat is always calm and collected. He knows how to respect. What Kat did was really touching. Principal Thobakgale deserved all the gesture she got from Kat after all the trouble she has been facing lately. After his kind words I think principal felt special for once in a while. She needed to hear those words in that moment of weakness. After evrything she went through she needed to smile again

Kat has a beautiful heart, the way principal was so down he lifted her spirit. His honesty ended up putting a smile on her face. He is really matured because he realised that he can't kick someone when they are already down like what Kwaito did.

Under principal Thobalgale's leadership Turf High managed to produce an engineer, lawyer, doctor, chef, geologist, pilot and a physiotherapist. Schools need strict principal like her. Kat can never forget where he comes from.

Men like Kat are numbered, I am so happy about what he did to principal. If someone doesn't like you, that doesn't mean all people hate you. I wish Magongwa was there to witness that


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