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In Shock: White Teacher In Fist Fight With Learner Inside Classroom

In a disturbing occurrence, a white female teacher was captured on camera engaging in a fistfight with a black student in the classroom.

When the teacher accused the student of speaking a foreign language during her teachings and forcibly confiscated the student's phone, causing her to respond violently, chaos ensued in the classroom.

In the footage, the instructor could be seen aggressively removing the student's desk and then pushing it back to her as if she meant to break her legs.

Other students were observing all of this, but none of them moved from their spots.

The student rose up and approached the instructor with a request for the return of her phone, but the instructor refused. She repeatedly pounded the student in the face, and when the student responded with punches of her own, the teacher used excessive force to subdue her.

This video has been met with a variety of responses. Some are criticising the behaviour of white educators, particularly in their interactions with black pupils, as compared to their interactions with white students.

Others, however, assert that the current generation of students is rude to their instructors and believes it is always OK to do so.

"What happened to teacher respect and obedience? Smart phone for what within the classroom while the teacher is instructing, she is responding physically to the teacher as if she were interacting with her partner "some remarked.

"They force blacks to drink their own pee. They urinate on the property of black people. They strike children of black people.

The expectation is that blacks will forgive. It is time to evoke the evil within black people in order to show white people where they can go "a few reacted negatively.

Some critics contend that teachers are trained and instructed on how to handle such situations, and that slapping a child is not among the regulations they are taught.

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