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The Real Truth About The Principal Who Was Suspended For Assaulting The Learner || See What Happened

Date : 16 October 2021

Teachers tend to go through a lot as they work with different children in school and from different environments. Many teachers have revealed the challenges that they tend to go through while working with different children. It is said that the way parents raise their children play a vital role in how they behave. The problem starts when they fail to differentiate home and schools. The things that they do at home they usually do it at school without giving care how other kids will feel.

Many cases of school learners abusing or assaulting their teachers have been reported. It only reveals that the education department has a lot of work in educating learners how to resolve issues if ever they are having a problem with teachers. Anger issues have landed many school learners as they have a habit of losing it and decide to do what they think it's right for that particular moment.

Yesterday social media was a buzz after a school principal was suspended for assaulting a suspended learner.There are two videos that are doing rounds on social media, the first one the learners was busy calling the teacher names in class and refusing to go out as it was said that he was not supposed to be at school . Apparently he was suspended for another incident that happened at school. The second video is of the teacher pushing the learner to the ground and forcing him to leave the classroom.

It turns out the learner was not supposed to be in the classroom but he forced and told the teachers that he will not be going anywhere because his mother paid for school fees. The incident was confirmed by MEC Mmaphofu, " It is alleged that after school assembly around 08:00 the school management noticed that the learner was seen at" she said.

This behavior cannot be tolerated. It is important for teachers to make sure that they resolve matters with learners in a calm way because sometimes people can be hurt if things get worse.Share your thoughts and follow for more news.

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