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The High Court has ruled that National Senoir Certificate results should be published

The department of basis education earlier announced that it plans not to publish matric results anymore. It has been a tradition for South Africans for many years where we know that at the end of the year, we all look up to the matric results coming out. We know that the results were published in Newspapers for everyone to see. This is what made many of the matric students even work harder knowing that their names will be in public for the whole country to see.

However, the plan by the department to stop publishing the matric results has fallen on deaf ears because the court has ruled that the results should be published like it always happened for many years.

We know that many people have been saying that the court is working for the ANC but this ruling by the court has proved otherwise. We know that some other publications were already complaining that they have already prepared to roll out the printing of the matric results and the fact that the department just decided on short notice to stop the printing of the results, they had to take action and take the department to court and it has yielded the desired results.

We know that some learners were happy that the results will no longer be published because at times learners end up comiting suicide if they do not make it to the list of learners who have passed.

The department is busy making unnecessary chances. The only thing that they should focus on is to do away with that 30% pass rate because it is setting the standards of education in this country very low. But yet we want to compete with the best. The 30% pass is not even enough to get an entry to University. Learners should aim high.

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