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The Wife of Deputy Minister of Higher Education & Training Is Accused of Assault To A Pregnant Cop



The Gauteng deputy speaker Mhlakaza Manamela is expected to be in court for allegedly assaulting a pregnant police officer. The wife of the deputy minister of higher education and training Buti Manamela is accused of assaulting and injuring Lizzy Mojapelo while she was pregnant. Lizzy Mojapelo who is believed to have had an affair in 2019 with Buti Maumela was carrying the child of the minister that is now born out of wedlock.

Mhalakaza when she heard about the news that her husband is having an affair with a police officer was furious and wanted to end her life of Lizzy in 2020. She tried to open a case against Mhlakaza at the police station where her service was denied because Manamela is a person with a high standard and her husband has all the connections to bend the law. This happened in 2020 when Lizzy went to the police to report the case of assault.

Lizzy Mojalefa approached the National Prosecuting Authority(NPA) and Afriforum to assist her with opening the case. The prosecutors of the NPA dished out her case as they suggested that her case will be difficult to prosecute as the accused is a high-profile person. This then means a lot as the number of assault cases that have been dropped is so many as perpetrators can easily buy out the victim by paying a large stack of money which was done by the minister of finance Enoch Godongwana.

Lizzy then approached the Afriforum to assist her in prosecuting the case with Manamela's wife. The Afriforum approached the Gauteng director of public prosecution to visit the matter and it has now been cleared that the prosecution against Manamela's wife will be put to the court. The issue of gender-based violence in South Africa is starting to become a new norm of everyday living. This is because most of the victims are always discouraged not to open any case against the perpetrators.

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