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University Life That Students Do Not Tell. Read More

Every matric learner wants to go to university to further their studies, no doubt about that. Other also want to enjoy their youth and make a lot friends. Many tend to forget that going to university does not guarantee you a degree or diploma, you need to work hard for that. There are lots of things university students go through, but with the mentality of getting their qualifications, they succeed. 

Many times students post pictures of them going outs, drinking and partying. They will never show you how hard they study when it is time to study. No one wants to show you how they struggling or how hard university academics are, they hide that picture. If they can start showing matriculants the real struggle in academics, i bet a few would want to go through the university route. 

University life is good, it teaches you to be independent. No one will force you to study, no one will call you to come to class nor write a test. Those are your responsibilities as a student. Many drop out because of that pressure. During exams it is worse, students buy energy drinks to keep them alive the whole night studying. Other sleep in exam rooms, you find them when you going to write.

Sleeping in a class room is a reality at university, not that you do not have a room, but lots of upcoming tests, due assignments and presentations. University does not need chance takers. You'll drink all kind of remedies to keep you going. This training will make you a better person. In many universities, libraries open 24/7 and that should give you a clue that it is tough out there.

However, you will never see a person post about that, but only the grooves. They will never show you the other life style in university. 

Here are some of the pictures you will rarely see:

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