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OPINION: Will the department of Education extend the date of the Education Assistant closing date?


The department of education has done it again for our unemployed youth. It has created 287 000 Education assistant and general assistant positions. It is interesting how our government initiates programs that equipt the youth with the skills that will make them stand for their future.

The successful candidates will be placed in schools from 1 November until March 2022 under the second phase of the programme, department spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga said in a statement. 

While the first phase started from 1 December 2020 to 31 April 202

Mr Mhlanga alluded that it is a lot of youth that applied for the positions but not all the number was taken. Only the required number got the opportunity to be appointed. He indicated that they had 800 000 applicants, but only considered 300 000. Of which is not even half of the number of the candidates looking for that opportunity.

He went further and say that, the previous employed group has shown dedication and worked veryhard to assist and close the gap that is within the department. 


It is interesting that now there are two separate categories and clear barrier line of two vacants. The Education assistant and general assistant. In the last phase half if not all schools made the employees perform similar duties when they possessd different positions. Which made conflicts amongst co-liques since the placement depended on the eye judgement. 


Things have changed, now for one to be appointed as an Education assistant an NQf level 4 and 7 is required. And for the general position not even matric is required. This will delete the confusion that was within the field of work. And every one will know their positions and responsibilities. 


It is with great sadness that only 18-35 of years is only eligible for the positions. What about those who are legible but over the age of 35? That age group is left with no hope of employment while some has the same qualifications. 

Another challenge is that, walkins are not allowed. Only online applications will be considered. And yes data and electronic gadgets may not be a big problem to youth anymore, compare to the previous years. But the server is down due to a lot of traffic of the applications. Majority will be left out, then what will happen to those unfortunate ones who will not be able to go through the online application?

Mhlanga said successful applicants would have an opportunity to receive training in various skills that would equip them for future employment. The successful candidates will assist teachers with the curriculum, as “reading champions”, information and communication technology “e-cadres”, general maintenance assistants and “sports and enrichment agents”


What is the government doing after providing such smart skills to the youth? Will there be those who will be absorbed by the school on permanent bases? Does the programme awards the certificates after? That gives one an authority to operate and use the skills acquired? 

Although it is much better than nothing. The youth is on the streets every day, taking drugs, comiting crimes with their degrees because of unemployment. It is a great initiative the government has brought to them.

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