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The fight between PGCE graduates and Education graduates continues. PGCE to be canceled

I don't understand why some people are getting upset about PGCE. In the senior phase and higher education phase it would be good to have educators who come with subject knowledge. These people already hold degrees in the fields that they'll specialize in.

If the government just did their jobs, graduates in South Africa wouldn’t be fighting amongst themselves over a qualification like the PGCE. You think it’s weird that those who studied Education want the programme defunded but they wouldn’t say this if we just had jobs.

it’s hard trying to explain the workload of a PGCE to someone who hasn’t done a PGCE...people must think I’m constantly making excuses but there is just no spare time in the day.

I would prefer my kid to be taught by a PGCE Engineer for Maths and Physics and PGCE accountant for Accounting. Actually I would prefer the end of a B. Ed degree and only allow PGCE degree graduates at schools to improve our education system. 


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