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Look what strong winds did to pupils preparing for exams

[Witchcraft] look what strong winds did to pupils preparing for exams.

In most cases, more especially in Africa when there is some unexpectedly events or incidents, people tend to blame witchcraft. Maybe it is because they understand how this things of witchcraft operates than other continents such as North America and Europe.

Strong winds, lightings, thunderstorms and other alike are mostly used by witches to deliver what they want to deliver.

It has been reported that Grade 7 pupils preparing for exams left stranded as strong winds destroy classrooms. The community members as always there are those who are thinking that it is associated with witchcraft.

The incident happened day before Yesterday afternoon, a violent storm swept through parts of Uzumba in Zimbabwe constituency destroying a total of 11 classrooms and 6 of them quite severely.

Atleast all kids were safe, no one reported injured or even lost lives.


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