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Two things high school students are never told about Universities

High school students sometimes fail to make it into the universities due to lack of information they receive. Here's a list of the things high school pupils are never told:

  1. Your grade 11 report is your ticket into the University. You can use it to apply so you can secure a place for yourself in the following year. You don't necessarily wait until the following year when you receive your grade 12 results to apply. It does not matter weather it does not have good marks,use it to apply. One thing most people won't tell you is that the only time your application will be accepted or rejected is when the University receive your final grade 12 results. Universities such as Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) and University of Western Cape (UWC) does that. There are many more Universities in South Africa that does that too.
  2. Not all Universities will make you pay an application fee for your application to be accepted. In some Universities you only pay application fee if you are applying manually (submitting papers). Here's a list of universities with free online applications:CPUT,UWC,University of Pretoria,Rhodes University,etc

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