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Sad: See What Happened To A Primary School Girl After Repeating Her Class.

Sad: Female Primary School Student Collapsed After Repeating Her Class [Video]

"Repeating class" is a phrase that most parents and students despise. Most individuals would concur that it is considered that a student is not intellectually strong when they are repeated in class. As a result, in order to be promoted, he or she must repeat the process of rigorous learning. However, most parents consider the school costs they will have to pay again for their children who repeated their class. Additionally, some parents take extreme measures like forbidding their kids from ever returning to school.

A video of a primary school student has left many people in a state of surprise on social media. According to the video, a primary student collapsed in the middle of her colleagues after she was told she had repeated her class.

The girl in the video collapsed as a result of her inability to handle the shock of being advised to repeat the class. To help them grow into better persons in the future, parents must encourage their kids to work hard in school.

Please click the following link to view the video.

Also watch the video via this Link--->>>

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