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Woman uses money left by late mother for herself leaving younger siblings unable to go to varsity.

A woman called to popular radio station Radio 2000 to tell how she might have destroyed her siblings' future. She stated:

"I'm the eldest of four children. My mother raised us by ourselves with no help from our fathers. My mother and I were very close and she entrusted me with her finances. She told me to look after my younger siblings to ensure they are educated.

2 years ago she died from covid 19 and we got a R1.2 million payout. At the time things were financially bad for me: I was in debt and my house was about to be repossessed. As a single mother I got scared. I used the money to settle my debts with the intention to pay it back.

The problem is that there is only R98000 left and my sister needs to go to University next year. My business is not doing well and I've applied for jobs with no luck.

I would like to apologize to my mother in heaven for failing her and to my sister for letting her down. I would also like to say sorry to my aunt who came all the way from KZN to take care of my sisters.

I was under pressure financially and I intend to pay it all back but I fear it might be too late because my sister might not be able to go to University because of me.

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