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Tokyo Says Students Must Print 4051100-92 (REF118-65) On T-shirts, This Is Where Their Money Was

One thing that the university students have been fighting for, is free higher education and for Tokyo Sexwale to say this problem can get away, this says something about where we can be.

It seems like there are these restrictions that are on the students' way and there is a lot that the politicians can say about this.

But, has this government done anything to solve the problem that the students have been facing. There is now this revelation that there is money for poor students, might have heard this if you were watching the briefing today.

Sexwale did mention that he would set the record straight and it seems like he has, to a certain extent, the question is, what will the Minister of Finance Tito Mboweni do about what Sexwale revealed today at the briefing?

We have to get answers and these answers have to come as soon as possible, this cannot be left hanging any longer. There is this silence from the political leaders and it is crazy how they are doing what Sexwale said that they have been doing all these years.

Once again, there are talks of corruption and the African National Congress (ANC) is making headlines for the wrong reasons, what does this mean for the organisation and its leadership.

Now, Sexwale has mentioned that the FeesMustFall students should print the account number on their T-shirts because the money was there on that account.

There are investigations that are happening right now, Sexwale mentioned that there was a case that was opened and a lot of us are looking forward to see what will happen once something is found.

With this Heritage Fund, it seems like this money is too much and as much as there is no clarity on who is offering this money, Sexwale mentioned that the person who is offering the money has decided to be anonymous.

However, he is known to Interpol, World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and to South Africa.

All that people want now is the truth and nothing, but the truth, if the money is available for students, then it should be given to the students, they deserve to get quality and free education.

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