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Department of Education gives Warning to schools that Withhold students reports due to Non payment


The department of Education have given schools warning with regards to school reports for the students. It gave out a statement saying that if any school try to withhold the student’s school results or report, the parents or the student should immediately notify the department of education in order to get their results and for that particular school to felt with .

Th department of education says it is aware of the the non payment of the school fees that parents may have not adhered to but it also doesn’t want to pressure the kids when other students have obviously received their results. They also continued to say that they have been having a whole number of suicidal for the students from the past few years and determined to change the stigma. 

As schools are closing this week and children are expected to get their school reports, department of education want to see every child being happy with the joy of knowing their status, whether they have passed or not so that they can all enjoy Christmas knowing what to expect in January when schools reopen. 

They also advised for the parents to give support to their children who may have not made it to prevent suicide and other unnecessary behaviour the Children may have to try ink of in order to get over their trauma and stress . One thing they recommended is to see a therapist when they have seen that their children did not make it . They advised that the clinics as well as the department of education also have free councillors or therapists to help children in this . 

Let’s continue supporting our children. When a child have failed, it doesn’t mean that they were not studying but it simple mean that they need support and help in order to do better in the next coming year .

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