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Plot Twist:See the Person Who Registered Mamkhize In the Fake college/ Opinion


Mamkhize has been trending on social media after it was discovered that the college where she graduated is a bogus college .According to the department of Education the collge is not registered with them and so it does not have any right to give out certificates,degrees or doctorates.

Mamkhize has already requested that she be addressed as Dr Mkhize , she has even changef her instagram name to Dr Mkhize .Even though she knows that the collge she got her doctorate from is fake .Also the doctorate she got is an honorary doctorate.Meaning she did not even sit down in one class to get it .

What's more interesting is that Ayanda Ncwane brother is the registrar of the bogus college .So it means he knows that they were running a fly by night school which was not registered. Him also obtained the same doctorate from the college .

I think Shaun Mkhize knew that the college is fake but because she is living a life of social media and she also want to show off that she graduated thats why she got a fake degree.She wants to say that she went to school even though she knows that she never sat for one class.

Mamkhize is already crazy rich i dont know why she would get a fake degree and embarass herself like this. People already respect her because she has money and is one of the richest women in South Africa .There was simply no need for her to get a fake doctorate.

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Ayanda Ncwane Mamkhize


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