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R350 applicants have to do this before it is too late or they might lose their R350 for the month


We know that the status can change anytime from pending to approved and might change from pending to declined, if you are still not sure about your status or you want to see if there are any changes, click here now to check:

If your status displays reject, then you have to apply for reconsideration as soon as possible.

Because The South African Social Security Angency SASSA has finally broken it's silence on the matter of applications that are declined. It is revealed that there is a deadline for appeals of the rejected applications.

Meaning that there is a certain number of days that is been placed for the applicants to appeal their out comes of the rejected applications. And that number is said to be 90 days.

To appeal you can click here now:

This means that if you do not appeal within the specified number of days, then you will lose your grant as you will not be able to appeal anymore.

What do you think about this as a reader? What is your take on this matter?

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