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Bad news for 2021 matrix learners

As matrics get ready to compose the last, most important tests in just shy of about fourteen days' time, it arose that the report of a test into last year's inquiry paper spills has not yet been given to quality affirmation body Umalusi. 

President Mafu Rakometsi affirmed that they were all the while anticipating a report by the public examination task group for thought. 

He was talking during an instructions on Friday where he reported that endorsement has been allowed to private and public evaluation bodies to direct the 2021 finish of-year public tests. 

A sum of 195 understudies were found to have approached the maths paper 2 inquiry paper before it was composed a year ago. The actual science paper 2 was likewise spilled. 

Rakometsi said they had not given the division of fundamental schooling a cutoff time to present the report "since examinations can take any measure of time contingent upon the difficulties and consequences of whatever drives they are getting. 

"The matter where applicants' outcomes have been retained remaining parts unsettled. They stay in that status and we can't deliver the outcomes until the understudies, who have been involved, have been cleared." 


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He said that once the office had finished its examinations, it would present a report to Umalusi. 

"In view of whatever discoveries they have, we will actually want to make a profession and guide the way forward." 

In the interim, remarking on the schooling framework's condition of availability to control the 2021 tests, Umalusi affirmed that 41,596 markers had been designated. Yet, there was a lack of markers in the Northern Cape, North West and Western Cape. 

Up until September 13, there were marker deficiencies in Northern Cape for: 

history papers 1 and 2; 

Afrikaans home language papers 1, 2 and 3; 

specialized sciences; and 

specialized maths. 

In the North West, up until September 20, there were deficiencies of markers for: 

history papers 1 and 2; 

Afrikaans home language papers 1, 2 and 3; 

Afrikaans first extra language papers 1, 2 and 3; 

Afrikaans second extra language papers 1 and 2; 

English home language papers 1, 2 and 3; and 

Setswana home language papers 1, 2 and 3. 

In the Western Cape, up until September 22, there were marker deficiencies for: 

history papers 1 and 2; 

business concentrates on papers 2; 

life sciences papers 1 and 2; 

maths proficiency papers 1 and 2; 

Afrikaans home language papers 1 and 2; and 

isiXhosa home language papers 1 and 2. 

A sum of 897,786 applicants enlisted to compose the division's tests, including 735,786 full-time and 162,109 low maintenance competitors. 

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Mary-Louise Madalane, Umalusi ranking director for quality affirmation of appraisal (school capabilities), said the division had demonstrated that entrance control into the structure where printing is occurring, just as the degree of safety at extra spaces, has been expanded. 

"Secrecy assertion types of delegated staff doled out to work in the printing stockroom and bundling of assessment papers were marked," she said. 

She said a review of all test communities was authorized in 2021, "thinking about rules gave to check the spread of Covid-19. 

"More rigid measures to control compromise of the assessment uprightness and validity are set up. For instance, the organization of inhabitant screens to all recognized high hazard habitats has been started." 

Conning compromises the respectability of our public assessment framework, which we are ordered to enviously ensure as a quality chamber. 

Umalusi CEO Mafu Rakometsi 

'More stringent measures to curb compromise of the examination integrity and credibility are in place,' says Umalusi. File photo.

She said some commonplace instruction divisions had expanded the extent of invigilation and have settled the arrangement of private invigilators to amplify the invigilation. 

"The preparation of screens is in progress and is intended to be finished toward the finish of October." 

Madalane said the inquiry papers have been supported, edited and closed down and that the principal transfers were prepared for conveyance to the separate storerooms. 

Rakometsi said considering the last year's paper spills, Umalusi issues a harsh admonition to all students and educators to abstain from all types of cheating, including paper spillages. 

"We chide and denounce this criminal practice with the disdain it merits. Tricking compromises the honesty of our public assessment framework, which we are ordered to desirously secure as a quality board," he said. 

The tests start on October 27.Security beefed up for matric exams after 2020's question paper leaks (

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