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College Education


He is Homeless though he managed to do a Law course at UNISA, See Reaction.

Image of Zolani's holding his studddy material

Success comes in a different form, as a black child I grew up being told education is the key, meaning if you want to live a better or a good life you need to go to school and secure a better career, though others also live a good life but they didn't go to school I guess that's how life is.

Zolani's image at UNISA campus

A street kid left many encouraged and surprised that he lives by the streets and still dared to dream of his career at the University of South Africa, a Twitter user who goes by the name of @advobarry shared the story of Zolani "Meet Zolani a final year LLB student in UNISA, he just registered his last 6 modules. He's been staying on the streets since 2019, he has no cellphone or laptop yet he still does extremely well in his academics." He wrote.

I'm also impressed by Zolani's move, I mean like not having a place to stay but still furthering his studies, wow this should be an awakening to everyone that no matter the situation there's still a solution.


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