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Important tips to pass matric/ Grade 12 with distinctions.

As we are going to academic year, grade 12s are under a lot of pressure and they want motivation that can help them to pass matric with good marks and maybe pass with distinctions.

Every learner's dream is to finish matric with distinctions. This way you know that you have a great chance at getting into University and the course of your choice. 

Getting distinctions has little to do with dreaming about them and more about the work you decide to put in. Fortunately, we’d like to see you do your very best!

1. Make the most of the class time

Sometimes all we can think about in class is for it to be over. However, you need to remember that the attention you decide to pay in class will have a drastic effect on your marks, Keep the following in mind when you’re in class:

A. Take notes in class:

While your teacher is speaking and explaining, be sure to jot down some notes. Not everything is in the textbook and your teacher’s explanations of the work are vital. Make sure to note down everything your teacher says so that you can use it to study for tests and exams. 

B. Ask questions in class:

Always ask questions! Your teacher is there to answer and all questions you may have when it comes to your work, by asking questions, you’ll easily work out the parts of your subject that you don’t understand. That way, you can move onto the next section without a problem. 

C. Participate in class

Always, always participate in class. By being an active participant, you’re more likely to understand the subject matter than if you just read it later. Be part of class discussions to really understand the depth of the work and other possible examples.

2. Practice makes perfect

To do well at most things in life, the answer is always practice. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

Go through old exam papers, do mock questions or even ask your teacher to set up a little test that you can practise in your own time. Often when we practise, we open our mind to more possible questions that could be asked in the exam. That way, you’ll be prepared for anything.

3. Do your homework

There’s a reason that your teachers give you homework, It’s so you can go through the work by yourself and see what you don’t understand.

That’s why homework is so important! If there is work you don’t understand when you’re doing it by yourself, you know where to ask for help.

4. Get good goals

Goals are the best way to make success. If you know what you want, you know exactly what to do to get it. 

Write down all of your goals and stick them in places that you can always see them. This way you have something to work towards. Motivation is key to success.

5. Believe in yourself

Lastly but not least, believe in yourself, this is where success begins. In order to achieve great things, you must first believe that you can do it. The mind is powerful and positive statements and attitudes are more likely to get you into the academic mood. 

Know you can get distinctions and then work towards it. If you think you’re going to fail, you’re immediately demotivating yourself. 

If you know someone who is going to write matric exam, share this information with them because it will help them to do well.

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