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A Boy Assaults His Teacher, Here's Why "Panyaza" Is Trending, People Are Talking About Him

People are talking about the trending topics on twitter, especially the recent "Panyaza" trend because it hit the number spot on top trending topics.People are tweeting about it, there is also a video under the trend. People expressed how they felt about Panyaza's actions, they felt like that was unacceptable.A twitter user even tweeted "what Panyaza do not realise is that teachers are not only teachers, they are parents too".Some twitter users tweeted something about his upbringing, he should be beaten up whenever he acts like a disrespectful child.There were people who laughed it out and called him a legend, while others said the child might be going through something or maybe depressed, which led him to bullying.The child did assault the teacher because he threw an object.The video is showing the kid that is trending, it was took in a class room. In the video, a young boy stood up from his desk and threw his teacher with rubbish while teaching.Before he went outside the class, he kicked the fire extinguisher. His classmates said comments like, "Hayi, Uzasishisa" (meaning no, you will burn us). Here is the link to the video video of school was circulating under the "Panyaza" hashtag. In the video, the learner did not comb his hair. The teacher decided to comb it before he could get in the school premises, people found that wrong. Here is the link to the video

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