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Mom Mkhize's PHD Under Investigation By The Department Of Education


Apparently Mom Mkhize's PHD is under investigation by the Department of education, and let's follow up on that.

This past weekend Mom Mkhize and her family has celebrated her graduation after she was honored and given a PHD.

She was awarded an honorary doctorate however, it turns out that the facility that issued her PHD is not accredited.

According to media house, "that institution is also not registered with the Department of Higher Education".

Mom Mkhize's honorary doctorate was offered by a Christian institution, the name of that institution is called The God Shepherd College of Religion, Culture and Training.

It turns out that the institution in question does not have a website or Education domain, and it does not even have authority to issue a PHD in Philosophy.

According to Media house, this is what the Department Of Education said when they were consulted regarded Mom Mkhize's PHD.

"Kindly know that The God Shepherd College of Religion, Culture and Training is not registered with the Department as the Private Higher Education Institution. They are current investigating this issue." this is according to the Department of Higher Education and Training Spokesperson, Mr. Mnisi:

This will be all from me and thanks for reading. Please do remember to comment down below in the comment section to let us know of your take regarding this.

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