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OPINION| Good results from any school starts with the teacher

Good results from any school, regardless of whether it's a private school, rural or township school, starts with the teacher. If only we had dedicated teachers who were honestly concerned with the performance of their learners, we could be seeing a completely different picture. It is not now that our schools in the rural and township areas lack facilities. It has been the case since the inception of Bantu Education. However, even with those obstacles in place for the black child, we managed to produce the Steven Bikos, Nelson Mandelas, Desmond Tutus, Nthato Motlana's of this country what was the difference, dedicated teachers. As long as we have SADTU in charge of the uncaring education department and with its hopeless system of progression of leaners together with the 30 % pass rate,we will forever produce learners who end up on the corners of the streets smoking nyaopeDr Pali Lehohla is very brutal to our education mediocrity. Painful as it may feel, it remains an unchallengable truth. Perhaps what he tells us something we choose to ignore or are simply indifferent to, or we don't care. He says, we we aught to think and ask ourselves why is it that only one rural school, Mbilwi High School, which costs a learner R3000.00 a year produces the same results as a private school which costs R 30 000,00. This is a serious indictment on our government, it's system of education, the unionised teaching profession and it's attitude towards education as a whole, particularly the education of a black childYesterday, when the matric results were released, social media was littered with pictures of Black children, who have done well in their studies, some of whom are those of high ranking members of society and most probably politicians and teachers. As we await the matric results of children of the downtrodden, the poor, the vulnerable, etc, we will be given all sorts of rosy stories of how they have done so well under such difficult circumstances. We will probably find that our standard has even been lowered to a further 25% as a result, we will also see a minute number of learners paraded by the political elite as the best achievers in the huge sea of ignorance!

The question that we, you and I, avoid asking is whose children are they talking about by the way they are not taking about the children of those in power or in the teaching profession, who dispense education in the state schools those have their children's futures well planned for. We have to accept that futures of the children of the poor, ignorant, vulnerable and illiterate, matters very little to those charged with the responsibility of preparing them foe a life of independence, creativity and innovation! That sadly, seem to be the preserve of the children of the political and professional elite. This will have to change, and change very quickly, but it can no longer be left to those who have failed the children of the majority poor

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