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War fermenting | Education Dept Seems to suggest mandatory vaccine for learners and parents

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The school have reopened, on Monday, 4 May for learners after the school closed for the first term. The basic department made a statement on the issues from first term and it's plans as they seek to adhere to regulations.

The Education Dept said that the attendance of school are to further the initial strategy of rotational approach.

Rules for regulations for learners to adhere at school were also outlined along that of wearing masks, sanitising, social distancing etc

However the statement also made remarks which attracted the attention of the civil Rights organisation Afriforim

The statement by the education Department seems to have implied that all parents and learners are a commanded to get the vaccine.

The President had said clearly that the vaccine is not just free but a choice, no one is compelled or forced to get the vaccine. AfriForum has emerged saying that the statement by the education department which seems to that the vaccine is mandatory is against the statement made by by president.

The organisation wants to clarify from the Dept of education and as an organisation for human rights they are prepared to fight against this agenda but the Education.

The organisation says they want to know from the Dept of Education:

- Are Parents forced to register as well as who they should register, themselves, their children or foster children.

- Are learners at public schools will be forced to get the vaccine.

- The intent of the registration.

- what intent the register is going to be kept.

The organisation manager for education rights:

" All research indicates that children and young people experience the symptoms of the virus minimally if at all. It therefore does not make reasonable sense that such a register is necessary. If the government intends with this registration process to make the vaccination of learners at public schools compulsory, AfriForum will fight it"



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