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Students, Meet The Man Who Invented Examinations


In a country like India, where we spend a significant portion of our academic lives, this is especially true. Exams have always been dreaded, loathed, and even hated by students. Even before submitting a paper, we would brainstorm all the possible justifications we could offer our parents for our dismal performance.

Which Henry?

Overall, as students, we have this strange, almost humorous relationship with exams, but we have never given much thought to the crucial question: "Who is responsible for these horrifyingly terrible forms of assessments?"

Exams were created by an American businessman and philanthropist by the name of Henry Fischel somewhere in the late 19th century, if historical accounts are to be believed. However, some sources credit Henry Fischel, another person with the same name, with creating standardized tests. Early in the 20th century, the latter was a professor of religious studies at Indiana University. You have it! The name of the supreme tormentor has now been revealed to you.

Richard Fischel (Businessman, Philanthrophist)

China exams

Actually, exams have a long history.

While many people credit the above two men, both named Henry Fischel, with creating official evaluations and examinations, the word "examination" actually has its roots in ancient China.

Did you realize? Being a government official was a position of great prestige in China approximately 2000 years ago, and the only way to join this exclusive group of government officials was to successfully complete tests that were created under the close supervision of Emperor Zhang of Hen.

The Cambridge Examinations

Cambridge exam center

It is commonly acknowledged and understood that Cambridge is one of the most well-known educational institutions in the world. Exams and this venerable university also have a little-known connection, though.

A standardized test that male students might take locally throughout England was requested by English schools from Cambridge and Oxford colleges in the late 19th century. Exams were only available to boys back then; this occurred in 1858.

On December 14, 1958, local schools, churches, and other locations where students may take the tests comfortably hosted the first Cambridge examinations. The courses, which included Latin, Mathematics, Geography, History, German, French, and Politics, were quite comparable to those we currently test on.

Additionally, just as we use external invigilators for our class 10 and 12 exams, invigilators for those exams rode trains from Cambridge to various locations throughout England. Visit the Cambridge University Library to have access to the very first exam that the Cambridge University ever administered.

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